• Pent

    Pent, there is a mobile phone game called Pent. I think it is called Pent. On loading, it says (screenshot coming soon!) “NEHT”(next?) “by Ihar Shcherbich Cherryware.org Inc Feb 2005 – Jun 2006.”.

    I have searched online, Googled Ihar etc. and have found nothing. Is it called Pent or Neht? Either way it is a very addictive game. I have gone through stages where I cannot put it down.

    It is like Tetris, but harder. Funny shapes, still got to make rows. Is fun. I would love to know if anyone else around the world has this game, plays it and what their record is, because as it is I think mine is quite good!

    So please anyone who has played Pent, please get in touch!!