• Are You Listened To?

    I was reading the other day in the News Of The World newspaper, that they were doing a competition for young people to win a column in their paper every week. This was so they could express their views and opinions. The quote I read from the 'celebrity' James Corden, was something along the lines of "the youth of today don't feel they can express their opinion".

    While this maybe true to some extent, I completely disagree. Teenagers have more chance than every before of expressing their opinions and being listened to. We have the magical/evil thing called The Internet.

    As long as the internet is open to everyone (some exceptions, yes I know), as it is now, teenagers have so many ways of 'having a voice'. In fact, I'm going to stop using the word teenagers, because adults may feel the same, and have the same chances.

    Social Media is massive at the moment, and has revolutionised the way everybody goes by their day to day lives. The point cannot be argued Social Media has been life changing since it has become so popular. The point that can be argued is, is it good or bad. Massive debate there.

    So with Social Media everybody can have a voice, and share their opinions. Facebook, with what 600 million estimated users (I think June 2011) and Twitter with, erm, loads, everyone can share their opinions. So this just shows that we shouldn't be feeling like nobody listens because they clearly do.

    It doesn't even stop at social media though, definitely not, because someone could easily do this (what I am doing, setting up a website etc.). People may not be paying any attention to this, but it is out there, and everyone can read it, showing that I can state my opinion and people can read it and take it in.

    So to finish off, while I re-read this thinking maybe it was pointless, I am not saying the competition is not worthy, because it will be very good for the winner. Something very positive to wack on the CV. But, everybody should definitely not feel that they do not have an opinion and are not listened to because we clearly are.

    Maybe I am not being listened to and am being totally ignored, but at least I feel I am, and more to the point I like to think I proved James Corden wrong!