• DRS: An Unwanted Gimmick

    This F1 season, has been really good so far, but I do feel it has been tainted somewhat by DRS. Drag Reduction System, has for me, ruined a few races this season, or at least ruined what were good battles.

    The person behind must be within one second of the driver in front at the detection zone and then at the activation point, he can then use it to sail past the driver in front. It may seem like a good idea, to increase overtaking and therefore excitement, but it is just spoiling races.

    The lead driver has been doing all they can, driving perfectly all race and in one straight, the driver behind can use a gimmick to pass him. In one move, in one push of a button, the race can be won and taken from the other. The leading driver cannot fight. He is a sitting duck. It is so fake. It is not right.

    The only way I could like it, or see it giving the driver in the lead a bit of a chance to fight, is by giving the leading driver 50% or something similar. This would at least give him some hope of defending his position. Anything is better than the current system.

    One pass I can remember, which really took the mick, was when the graphic at the bottom of the screen was showing “Fastest Lap: Sebastian Vettel”. This was showing, while there was a DRS ‘overtake’ happening and a McLaren flying past him.

    That is laughable and in those cases when a DRS overtake decides something reasonably important it just leaves a bitter taste in the mouth, while remembering the old days when Schumacher was dominating.

    It may not have been as competitive, but at least there was no DRS.