• Formula 1 Television Coverage

    Since a very young age I have been an avid fan and follower of Formula 1 (as well as other forms of motorsports). I watch every race in its entirety – without fail. Years ago there was a news report about F1 coverage maybe going to Sky and even then I said that would be a joke and that would be the time I stop watching the sport I love so much.

    Wind the clock forward to 2011, the news report has become reality and we have been told the news that F1 is essentially going to Sky. Yes the BBC get half the races and extended highlights, but this isn’t really such a great consolation. For many people I speak with, its all or nothing watching the F1 season. They think there is no point watching some and then not the rest. So well done Bernie, there are some hard core F1 fans gone, fans who would spend their hard earned on merchandise and tickets to the sport that is the pinnacle of motorsport. Fans who on morals wont pay to watch the sport on Sky.

    I am disgusted with it and the way we have been treated, it is disgusting. A petition has been set up (Keep F1 On BBC Petition) to try and keep all F1 on the BBC, but it doesn’t look like it is going to happen. And if the deal does pay off for Sky, it’s all going to go to Sky in the end. Let’s face it. Sky will then ruin F1, like they did with football.

    So for next season, 2012, which is already looking spicy, with charismatic Finnish World Champion Kimi Räikkönen back (announced today Kimi Räikkönen Is Back!), I am stuck with what I should do with regards watching F1. Sky is a no go for obvious reasons and I don’t feel extended highlights are good enough.

    If anyone is in the same position as me, feels the same, or has any bright ideas, then please please do contact me and have a chat!