• Squealing Laptop

    Recently I had a laptop, a Compaq G60 or CQ60 (one of the two, both are equally bad), brought to me, for me to have a look at.

    So as you do, I plugged in the power and turned it on. For about 1 second everything seemed fine, until I heard a squealing noise coming from the laptop. It was a very unhealthy squealing noise as well, not something you really want to be coming out of an expensive piece of electrical equipment.

    There were no indications of a specific area of where the noise was coming from and no outward signs of what could be causing it. Not wanting to leave it on for long didnít help diagnosing it either.

    So, I had a quick Google, to see if I could find any suggestions for what it may be, hoping for some forum post from someone in a similar situation. The solution came from an Amazon review on the first page of search results.

    I read the small preview and it was for a power supply. Instantly the next thing I did was test the output from the charger with the multimeter. And there we had the problem, the charger, instead of giving out the 18.5v, was giving out 25v.

    One huge difference, about 35% of the supposed output. So, got a new charger, one that was a genuine, not a replacement and the laptop stopped squealing, it was fine. The problem then, was clearly the charger, a replacement gone faulty, after less than 6 months. Is this enough to make you spend £15 more for a genuine one? Iím not sure.

    Anyway, so carried on with this laptop and the screen was pretty dodgy, green, white lies flashing horizontally across the screen, in no order, it was clearly faulty as well. This was no problem at all, quick screen replacement and the laptop was back to how it should be.

    What I would like to know is could the extra 6v could be what made the screen go bad? Still waiting for a definite answer but, possibly it could apparently.

    So, is the moral of the story - buy genuine replacement laptop chargers?